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Nutrition is fun!: How to make healthy eating more exciting for children

To get children excited about eating healthy foods, set a good example and make eating fun! Encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables and talk about why they’re healthy and so helpful. Children love to learn new things and be involved, so ask them to help out in the kitchen while preparing meals. Also, encourage them to eat healthy foods by making them fun, such as putting peanut butter on a celery stick with raisins to make “ants on a log”.


Teaching children about healthy food and nutrition will not only help them, but it will also help families as a whole. Encourage yourself and the children in your life to choose fruit over candy, and vegetables over potato chips. In the long run, everyone involved will benefit!

Toni Smith
June 2010
HDFS and Education

Scott Maland
March 2010
HDFS and Education