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Building a Home

I love walking across campus, seeing our KidSpirit kids playing games, running races, or sharing quiet time under a tree. We stopped a few of the kindergartners long enough to snap this photo on the Quad.

Ah, campus in the summer time…the delighted squeals of children enjoying KidSpirit activities, the earthy fragrance of freshly cut grass, summer students playing Frisbee on the Quad, and new students with their parents in tow, finding their way around campus. And…the occasional sound of jack hammers, dump trucks and other heavy machinery. But I love it…it’s the sound of progress!

The new home of the Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families is going up just down the street, at the corner of 26th and Campus Way. “Home” best describes this beautiful structure that when it opens next summer will be the nucleus for many of our faculty doing research, teaching, and outreach that benefit children and families. From finding solutions to childhood obesity, to working with programs for parenting education, and creating tests to gauge school readiness in young children, we’re already hard at work. Our new home will provide a place for faculty and students to gather and collaborate, to dream and create, to translate research into practice in programs across the state and around the world. You can follow the construction moment by moment, watch a daily time lapse of activity or see the whole construction process in just a few minutes!

I hope your summer includes productive work, time with family, digging in a garden, a bit of travel, regular exercise, time to read (I highly recommend Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell), and relaxed visits with friends.
Enjoy the sunshine~

Tammy Bray