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To keep holiday stress to a minimum…take time for exercise, nutrition, and fun!

Set realistic expectations
Do not expect any more perfection from yourself, your family, or your friends than they normally exhibit.  To be on the safe side, expect a little less since the holidays may have created stress for them.

Plan ahead
Make to-do lists with dates and times, but be careful not to over plan or bite off more than you can chew.  Be realistic about what’s necessary and possible under your circumstances.

Get plenty of rest…and regular exercise
Fatigue can cause stress and affect our ability to handle stressful situations.  Get plenty of sleep and exercise…20-30 minutes of brisk walking or other aerobic activity reduces stress much better than any artificial stress reducer you might swallow.

Eat regular meals
Busy times around the holidays require more energy.  Eat regular meals to keep your energy level up and reduce the probability of eating too many holiday goodies.

Take time to reflect
Find time to be alone and reflect on the wonderful people and opportunities in your life.  Even people who love crowds and commotion can benefit from quiet reflection

Be good to yourself
In the midst of planning to make others happy, take time to do something nice for yourself.

Rochelle Schwab, Director
OSU Faculty/Staff Fitness

The Faculty/Staff Fitness program was born spring term 1984 with 10 activity classes enrolling 100 individuals. Today we average 30-40 classes serving over 800 faculty/staff, GTA’s/GRA’s, spouses/partners, and retirees of the university each term.   No membership fees are collected; a modest class fee is all that is charged.  It’s one of the great fringe benefits of working at OSU!

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