Celebrating our generous donors and extraordinary students

As the scholarship in her name was awarded to Samantha Beem, Barbara Peck ’31 received a rousing applause in recognition of her recent 102nd birthday.

There were many honored guests at our Ninth Annual Celebration of Excellence May 1st. Barbara Peck ’31 our 102-year-young alumna came sporting her College of Health and Human Sciences vest and sat with Samantha Beem who received the scholarship in Barbara’s name. When it was time for the award, she even made the trip on stage for a photo!

Tammy Bray shared a quiet moment with Rose Kraft ’40 who was honored for her philanthropy to OSU and her legacy of support for students.

Our dear friend and alumnae Rose Kraft ’40 was escorted to the stage by Lauren Kaina, recipient of the Walter and Rose Kraft Fund for International Travel.   We are saddened to report that Rose passed away on May 13th but pleased that she was with us to be honored for her legacy of philanthropy that will support generations of students to travel internationally.

Wearing OSU colors with pride, Jean Starker Roth ’42 was greeted by Tammy Bray

More than 450 donors, students and family members gathered to see fellowships and scholarships being awarded for the 2011-2012 academic year. Together, students received a total of more than $400,000 in awards and guests were given a short description of each recipient’s interests and plans. “Our students are out to change the world, and each of you is here to help them,” said Dean Tammy Bray acknowledging the support of donors, faculty, advisors, and family members. OSU President Ed Ray spoke about his appreciation for our dedicated alumni and the shared dreams of our students and their families.

OSU President Ed Ray and Tammy Bray visit with Dave Schary, a graduate student in exercise and sport sciences who offered a message of appreciation to more than 35 donors who support students through fellowships and scholarships.

Graduate student David Schary thanked donors on behalf of graduate students who received fellowships recalling the words of wisdom from his high school graduation “There’s your whole life in front of you…you don’t know what it’s going to bring.” For more than 200 students, the celebration brought funds to support tuition, research, purchase of textbooks, or resources to study abroad or attend national conferences. To find out more about supporting our outstanding students, contact Kevin Heaney at the OSU Foundation.