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Healthy Spine Healthy Body

“Everyone should see the beauty of the aging process and the rich history that’s in our older generations,” says Courtney Archibeque pictured practicing Bikram yoga’s spine twisting pose with her aunt Linda.

“My aunt Linda Trimberger, 60, and I practice Bikram yoga together,” says Courtney Archibeque, a graduate student in public health.  “I’m from Greeley, Colorado and moved here in September but while I was home I practiced with her three to five times a week for about a year.  During visits back home, we go as often as we can.  There is something about being sweaty, hot, and physically active that has brought us even closer together.  Our relationship has become stronger and deeper because of our love for yoga.  Bikram always says that the spine is the core to having a healthy body and that a healthy spine will help with aging.  My aunt swears by yoga and has partly attributed her graceful aging to her practice of Bikram yoga.”

Courtney’s photo won first prize in the OSU Gerontology Club Intergenerational Moment Photography Contest that was held during OSU’s 35th Annual Gerontology Conference. She is studying occupational safety and health, food safety, and epidemiology. “I have always been fascinated with the aging process and at one point in my career wanted to work with seniors in a nutrition related setting,” says Courtney.  “Although my background is in nutrition and public health I think gerontology is a great field to help bridge the gap between generations. I usually try to go out of my way and smile and chat with older people when I come in contact with them in the community.  They are all very interesting and have great stories to tell!”

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