HDFS instructor an OSU institution – and student favorite

There is no shortage of successful professors and instructors in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, but few carry the name recognition – and dare we say “sex appeal” – of Senior Instructor Kathy Greaves.

Greaves has taught within Human Development and Family Sciences for 17 years, beginning her time at OSU as an undergraduate in 1992. She later earned her master’s degree and Ph.D. from OSU, although she says the latter almost didn’t materialize.

“I was halfway through my doctorate when I so fell in love with teaching, I had a hard time finishing,” she says. “I love what I do. I love being in the classroom talking.”

And talk she does. To 600 students each term in HDFS 240, in fact. She also voices her expertise in human sexuality as Dr. Sex, writing the “Ask Dr. Sex” column in OSU’s student-run newspaper The Daily Barometer each week and speaking to various groups on campus, answering questions and helping students become comfortable with their sexuality.

Her goal is for students “to be more comfortable with themselves as a sexual person – and they’re not,” she says. “Most come at sex from an abstinence background; they’re coming at it apprehensively and not positively. In fact, they haven’t heard anything about sex that’s good other than it feels good.”

The key, she says, is confidence. “Confidence with yourself leads to responsible choices and positive, satisfying sexual relationships.”

Being comfortable with one’s own sexuality is a skill needed for life, she says. “On course evaluations, students consistently say this should be a required course.”

They also say Greaves is the best professor/instructor at OSU in a poll in The Daily Barometer’s 2012 “Best of” campaign, which, among other things, also names the best places to eat, study, hike and work out.