Are you career ready?

1st annual CPHHS Majors/Programs Fair collides education and future careers

It’s that time of the year where students are thinking about next steps – graduation, applying for jobs or internships, graduate school, next year’s registration – and what better time than now to host the 1st annual College of Public Health and Human Sciences’ Majors/Programs Fair to help guide students along their journey.

The Majors/Programs Fair’s aim is to inform, encourage and support undergraduate and graduate students through school and after graduation – especially when searching for a job.

“Oftentimes, students share with faculty and advisors that they love their classes and major but are unsure about career options,” says PHHS Student Services Coordinator Kim McAlexander. “Students will be surprised at what unexpected careers collide with their major and/or program choice, and this event will help clarify the many options available to them.”

The event, held from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Wednesday, May 15 in the Women’s Building lobby, is free and open to all Oregon State students.

In addition to informational booths, students will have the opportunity to mingle with faculty, advisors and fellow students over coffee, and the first 50 students will receive brand-new PHHS giveaways.

Representatives from across campus will tackle topics such as networking and benefits of social media, professional development, new technology, interview techniques, connecting programs/majors to career options and more.

OSU Career Services will demo new software called Career Trails that will help students link skill set and education to career options. They will also discuss resume writing, interviewing skills and job search techniques.

“A lot of students ask how do they get a job when they have no experience,” Kim says. “Students have great experience and sometimes just don’t realize how to express this on a resume or in an interview. Club leadership, volunteering, group projects, research, campus or other temporary employment all include experiences and skills that employers are looking for. All of these concerns will be addressed at the Majors/Programs Fair.”

PHHS Web and Social Media Coordinator Alan Calvert will help students stretch their comfort level with social media outlets by demonstrating how to use LinkedIn and Twitter, and discussing the role social media plays in networking and career search.

“It’s becoming more common that the web is your CV or résumé and social networks are your references,” Alan says. “At this event, we’ll cover the basics of managing students’ digital identity to help land a job – with a focus on LinkedIn and Twitter.”

PHHS faculty, advisors, internship coordinators and administrators will be available throughout the event to answer questions about graduate school choices and preparation, and how to connect a student’s major program of study to a career path.

The Majors/Programs Fair is the first of many events and opportunities the CPHHS is planning to enhance students’ connections, networking and mentoring opportunities.

“All students have unique and individual needs,” Kim says. “We hope this event provides that ‘ah ha’ moment when you figure out career passion and direction, what you are meant to do, what you care about, and then ultimately the best path to pursue to be successful in that chosen career.”