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Colleges of Public Health and Human Sciences, Pharmacy & Veterinary Medicine

Ignite-Research-Colloquim-headerWhen it comes to research – additional opinions and viewpoints might be the solution to finding answers. But with busy schedules – researching, teaching, planning – there’s not always time to engage others in your work.

Thanks to a new research colloquium researchers now have the opportunity to get a snapshot of current research within related fields in hopes of future collaborations.

The second annual Ignite Research Colloquium, hosted by the Division of Health SciencesCollege of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS), College of Pharmacy and College of Veterinary Medicine (VetMed) – offered a unique look inside more than 25 researchers’ work.Ignite-Research-Colloquim-Synergies

The idea is for researchers to present an overview of their work, discuss how they would like to collaborate and what they could contribute to the research of others.

Topics ranged from “Conducting research as part of a public health emergency response” to “Health benefits of agronomic biofortification with selenium” to “Acid suppressive therapy in hospitalized patients.”

“The symposium is an efficient way to have rapid-fire presentations that might ignite collaborations among faculty in the three colleges,” says CPHHS Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs Marie Harvey. “By sparking interdisciplinary conversations, this intellectual experience contributes to the Health Division’s goal of building capacity to support faculty grant development efforts and interdisciplinary project planning.”

As a direct result of last year’s Ignite Research Colloquium, four research applications were funded by the Division of Health Sciences to create an opportunity to build on existing strengths and partnerships.

These projects include:

  • “Risk assessment of raw bovine milk for retail sale in the Pacific Northwest” – with researchers from VetMed and the CPHHS.
  • “Development and characterization of biomarkers for canine and human bladder cancer” – with researchers from VetMed and the College of Pharmacy.
  • “Animal assisted adapted physical activity for children with cerebral palsy” – with researchers from VetMed, the CPHHS and the College of Agricultural Sciences.
  • “Targeted identification of anti-gonococcal and anti-chlamydial compounds” – with researchers from VetMed and Pharmacy.

“The goal of the Division of Health Sciences’ Interdisciplinary Research Grants Program is to invest in the growth of our collaborative research capacity and improve our ability to compete for external funding,” Marie says. “We are pleased to be funding these promising projects.”

The event concluded with a networking reception, which allowed for more personal discussions relating to potential collaborations.

See the full list of presenters (pdf) at this year’s Ignite Research Colloquium and read about last year’s event.