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Synergies 2015 Print Issue

A letter from our dean


In September, I met with faculty at our annual all-college meeting. We meet every year, so that wasn’t extraordinary. What was extraordinary is that we are looking at a truly compelling future.

Together, we have built the framework for a new college. A college that brings together not only the best of individuals but also the best of who we have been in our 126-year history. I often liken it to building a really great house.

Now, it’s time to make it a home.

And that means a new leader. For 14 years, I have given you, this college and this university everything I have. But just as my work has never been about me, neither is this transition. It’s about our vision of becoming a distinctive college of public health and human sciences.

Although I have formally announced my decision to step down, I will continue to serve until a new dean is in place. At that point, I will pass the baton to the next generation and apply my skills toward opportunities that allow me to contribute to the greater good.

Retirement isn’t on the table — yet. I have many passions — leadership, innovation and globalization — that I will continue to pursue. Toward that end, my husband, John, and I have created an endowment to benefit the college in those areas. The Tammy Bray Endowment in Health Leadership and Innovation will allow the college to host a speakers’ series to bring in high-profile speakers to inspire faculty and students alike on campus and also in Portland.

This is not goodbye, and this is not the end. Rather, it’s a new beginning. For me — but most importantly, for this amazing college. It’s a privilege to serve as dean, and I am excited for what I know will be a tremendous future — for us all.

Tammy Bray,
Dean College of Public Health and Human Sciences


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