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2015 all-college meeting – award winners celebrated, dean announces plan to step down


College of Public Health and Human Sciences Dean Tammy Bray recognized outstanding faculty with college awards at this year’s annual all-college meeting in September.

Faculty chosen for the awards were nominated by their peers for their hard work and efforts to help students achieve their dreams, increase research dollars and improve the college’s outreach efforts.

In addition to the awards ceremony, Dean Bray announced to college faculty and staff that she will be stepping down as dean following a national search for her replacement. “Although I have formally announced my decision, I will continue to serve until a new dean is in place,” she says. “At that point, I will step down, pass the baton to the next generation and apply my skills toward opportunities that allow me to contribute to the greater good.”

Dean Bray plans on pursuing her passions of leadership, innovation and globalization following her 13-year tenure as dean of the College of Public Health and Human Sciences .

Continue reading to learn more about each award winner.

College of Public Health and Human Sciences awards

Professional Faculty and Staff Excellence Award

Catherine-ClevingerPresented to Catherine Clevinger

For being a professional, proactive problem solver; for her positive attitude and friendly personality; for her vast knowledge of the grants process; for clearly communicating and supporting faculty; for her calm demeanor; for her dedication, skill, timeliness and attention to detail in meeting a variety of requests; and for being of service to others.

Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award

Jay-PenryPresented to Jay Penry

For his dynamic teaching style and ability to create an engaging, creative and inspiring classroom environment that fosters joy in learning; for his positivity, enthusiasm, humor and depth of knowledge; for his innovative instructional techniques; and for his friendly demeanor and dedication to students.

Faculty Excellence Award

Urszula-IwaniecPresented to Urszula Iwaniec

For her high-level, collaborative and impactful research; for her extensive service, outstanding teaching and exemplary mentorship; for creating collegiality and being a valued colleague; for being a passionate role model for aspiring scientists and caring about students’ success and well-being.

Dean’s Unsung Hero Award

Renee-CarrPresented to Renee Carr

For her perseverance, passion and dedication to improving the health and well-being of people in Oregon and beyond; and for her positive attitude and commitment to going above and beyond to support the Moore Family Center, Oregonians and the college.


University Day 2015, University Awards

Steve-GaretsOSU Outreach and Engagement Award

Presented to Steve Garets

TEAM OREGON Director Steve Garets received the OSU Outreach and Engagement Award, recognizing his significant and meritorious work, which enhances reciprocal learning with our students, partners and stakeholders through outreach and engagement activities.

TEAM OREGON is a motorcycle safety program house in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences.