ASSE student group reforms, is officially recognized


The OSU American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) student club recently reformed and was recognized by the ASSE parent organization May 27.

Its mission is to foster the professional development of campus members by providing networking opportunities, technical information and practical experiences to students who are interested in the safety, health and environmental fields. After a year of working to become an official section, the group was awarded association with the Columbia Willamette Chapter of ASSE and looks forward to growing its membership and establishing a positive presence on campus. If you would like more information about ASSE, please visit its website.

Asse-SynergiesAttending the event were Bonnie Bailey, president and MPH student; Laura Syron, PhD student, current vice president and next year’s treasurer; Matt Durbin, MPH student and vice president next year; Liu Yang, PhD student, secretary this year and next; Jessica Kessinger, MPH student; Assistant Professor Laurel Kincl, faculty advisor; Instructor Shelley Su; Assistant Professor Molly Kile; Assistant Professor Perry Hystad; and representatives from the ASSE Columbia Willamette Chapter.

Mark Hopkins, EHS manager for ec Company in Portland also attended, along with Kent Kennedy from Life Safety Corp. Both commented on the large safety community at Oregon State and that membership in the student club provides two big incentives: professional development and networking. “It sets you up for success,” Mark says. “If you really want to be successful, you have to have a skill set but also the opportunity to practice.”