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Vicki Ebbeck named CPHHS interim associate dean for student success


College of Public Health and Human Sciences Associate Professor Vicki Ebbeck has been appointed to interim associate dean for student success – a position that has evolved to better meet the needs of the college’s students and alumni.

Vicki will oversee the Office of Student Success, which is aligned with the OSU Strategic Plan 3.0 and includes the college’s academic advisors, peer advisors, internship coordinator, coordinator of career and professional development, and manager for assessment and accreditation. The team is housed in the newly renovated offices in the south side of the Women’s Building.

In her new role, Vicki plans to focus on further integrating the different facets of the Office of Student Success, ascertaining areas for growth and implementing innovative initiatives.

“Members of our office look forward to partnering with students to optimize their learning experiences, engagement, advancement and preparedness for the future,” she says.

Vicki’s appointment comes following the departure of former Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs Mark Hoffman, who now serves as Oregon State University’s vice provost for international programs.

“We are ready for the next level of collaboration to make success of all students as one of our focus areas for the future,” says CPHHS Dean Tammy Bray. “Please help me in congratulating Vicki for the new opportunity and appreciating her for stepping up to serve.”

Vicki’s interim appointment began July 15. An internal search for the position will begin this Fall.