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Synergies 2014 Print Issue

Seven years ago, we had what seemed an impossible dream. But as Nelson Mandela famously said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

It is done.

Today, we are Oregon’s first and only accredited college of public health and human sciences. And we couldn’t be more proud of our team of committed, strategic, confident and nimble faculty and staff — the visionaries, scholars and doers — who made accreditation possible and our dream come true.

True to public health, we took no short cuts and instead rolled up our sleeves and created a solid foundation that authentically leverages our strengths. As a result, our college today is stronger, more efficient and better prepared to meet the current and emerging needs of our students and the public.

Now the real work begins. We are leading a nationwide effort to frame the future of public health by integrating our master’s of public health program, which positions us to collectively solve the big, complex, interdisciplinary challenges to heath in Oregon and beyond.

As Dean Tammy Bray tells our faculty and staff — we’re in the big league now! It’s time to walk the talk, to work on quality improvement and adding value to our work and our degrees, and to continue to change and evolve to become a preeminent college nationally.

Achievements this large don’t happen in a vacuum, nor does one person achieve them. Thank you for the role you’ve had in supporting us through this historic time in our college’s history. Our work is cut out for us, and our dream lives on!

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