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Life’s a beach

College celebrates scholarship/fellowship recipients with tropical party


CPHHS scholarship and fellowship recipients have a fun time in the tropical photo booth

About 200 students receive scholarships or fellowships in the CPHHS each year, totaling more than $400,000. And each year, the college recognizes their achievement. For the last two years, that recognition was in the form of a pizza party, where students took time to write letters to the donors who support their education – and also have a little fun.

This year, nearly 100 undergraduate and graduate students came to the Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families to enjoy American Dream pizza and salad, take selfies with a tropical backdrop and props, write donor letters and play games.

Human Development and Family Studies PhD student Tim Ottusch has attended five college events recognizing scholarship and fellowship recipients – three at the former Celebration of Excellence and twice to the pizza party.

“The pizza party is a fun event where I’m able to catch up and connect with people inside and outside of my program,” says Tim, who studies parent involvement and support in their children’s college planning process. “Both years, I feel like I’ve had great conversations with people. In a way, I feel more ownership of my fellowship because I’m reminded that I need make those who support me feel their support has gone to a good cause.”

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