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Commencement 2017: Q&A with Jessica Klopfenstein, BS Kinesiology

Jessica Klopfenstein

Jessica completed her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in winter 2016

Jessica Klopfenstein graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in winter 2016. Since completing her degree, she’s been working on campus as a TOUR Ambassador. Following commencement, Jessica will start physical therapy school in southern California.

Synergies caught up with Jessica to ask her about her time at OSU and her future plans.

SynergiesHow did you choose your major?

Jessica: “I took an anatomy and physiology course in high school and knew that I had found my passion. I was lucky enough to find the physical therapy profession as the middle ground between sports and fitness and my desire to study the human body.”

Synergies: What are you most proud of from your time in the college?

Jessica: “My biggest accomplishment as a student was getting accepted into the University of Southern California’s Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. All of my hard work over the past four years to push myself and do well in all of my classes culminated with the acceptance.”

SynergiesDid you receive any scholarships or assistance during your time at OSU?

Jessica: “As an incoming freshman, I received the Provost Scholarship for out-of-state students.”

Synergies: What are the most memorable lessons you learned while a student in the CPHHS?

Jessica: “I learned that if I dedicate myself, stay on track with my classes and utilize all of the resources around me, I can succeed. I also learned the importance of balancing your life. School is incredibly important; however, I quickly learned that I also need to make time for being with friends and family, exercising and generally enjoying life in order to actually be successful in school.”

Synergies: What will you miss most about the CPHHS, OSU or Corvallis?

Jessica: “The classes, professors and my advisor – shout out to Nelson ­– have prepared me incredibly well for the pursuit of my doctorate. I can’t thank them enough and I will miss their support and guidance.

“I will also miss this town and its spirit. I follow Oregon State athletics as much as possible and will miss being in Corvallis. Going to events has been a staple of my college experience, so it is hard to leave but at least I get to see them in southern California.

“Lastly, and above all else, I will miss the people I met here. My friends, classmates and coworkers have made my college experience everything I could have asked for and more. It’s been incredible to be able to share my last four years with them, and thinking about leaving is getting more and more difficult.”

Synergies: What’s next for you?

Jessica: “I graduated one term early, so I have been enjoying a break from school while working as a TOUR Ambassador at the Campus Visitor Center until commencement. After that, I will live at home in July and spend time with my family before moving to Los Angeles. Then, I will start physical therapy school at the University of Southern California’s Health Sciences campus in August!”

Synergies: Do you have any advice for current or incoming students?

Jessica: “My only advice is to find your balance, but push yourself to get involved. One thing I regret is not getting involved as early or as much as I could have. The CPHHS has so many incredible opportunities to find something you are passionate about. I was able to work in the Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Clinic for two years and learned many valuable lessons.

“It is also important to find things outside of class that inspire you to pursue the career you are interested in or the population you hope to work with. Having so many clinics or programs here on campus for us to participate in is an incredibly unique opportunity.”