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Commencement 2017: Q&A with Hannah Tacke, BS Public Health

Hannah Tacke

Hannah will graduate on June 17 with her bachelor’s degree in Public Health

Hannah Tacke will receive her bachelor’s degree in Public Health on June 17. She will continue her studies at OSU and purse her master’s degree in Health Management and Policy beginning in the fall. This summer, Hannah will intern and gain hands-on experience in public health policy by interning at the Oregon State Capitol in Rep. Dan Rayfield’s office.

Synergies caught up with Hannah to ask her about her time at OSU and her future plans.

Synergies: How did you choose your major?

Hannah: “It took me until my sophomore year to take my first public health class, but I knew immediately that it was the major for me. I started out at Washington State University studying speech language pathology. When I decided to transfer back to OSU, I wanted to find a major that better fit my interest and goal of helping people. I bounced around a bit my first term back, but once I found public health I was sold.”

Synergies: What are you most proud of from your time in the college?

Hannah: “I think my proudest accomplishment was being selected in the accelerated master’s program while I was still an undergraduate. I knew that I wanted to go to graduate student as soon as I finished my bachelor’s degree and I love Oregon State, so this worked out well and I’m excited to get to be a part of a new program”

Synergies: Did you receive any scholarships or assistance during your time at OSU?

Hannah: “I did receive one scholarship while at OSU, but was fortunate to have the support of my family to help me with the additional costs.”

Synergies: What are the most memorable lessons you learned while a student in the CPHHS?

Hannah: “In terms of academics, I was able to expand upon what I had learned in high school in regards to writing a good essay and learned how to write a strong research paper. This was very important because a lot of what we do in public health revolves around research and reporting the results of what we have discovered accurately. Learning to do that can be such a benefit, and I was fortunate to have the professors I did because they pushed me and helped me to write some strong policy briefs and research papers.

“I also learned how diverse the field of public health is. It really is all around you, and every person in this major has the chance to find something that really interests them. I didn’t realize this until I had the opportunity to speak with professionals in the field and see how they got into their positions. Once I did this, it was incredible to see how many different directions a degree in public health can take you.”

Synergies: What will you miss most about the CPHHS, OSU or Corvallis?

Hannah: “I actually get the chance to stay at OSU and in Corvallis for the next two years getting my master’s degree! But I know that when I first went away my freshman year, after having grown up in Corvallis and spending a lot of time on campus at summer camps, I really missed the community and people I had been lucky enough to connect with while growing up here. And there’s just something about being close to both the beach and the mountains.”

Synergies: What’s next for you?

Hannah: “I am remaining at OSU to pursue my MPH in public health management and policy. I am particularly interested in the policy side of the major and hope to gain some experience working in policy while I intern at the state capitol this summer in Rep. Rayfield’s office.”

Synergies: Do you have any advice for current or incoming students?

Hannah: “Try to take a class outside of your major classes at least once. This could be something related to your studies that will supplement what you are learning, or it could be something completely different. I had a few interests that would have added to my education in public health, but never took the time to take any of those classes. It will only broaden your perspective and make you a more well-rounded student and future professional.

“Also, try and get as much experience volunteering and interning as early on in your college career as possible. I have been able to reinforce my passion for public health, as well as find out that there are jobs in the field I do not want to do by completing multiple internships.”