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Video: Exploring Nutrition

Nutrition is a broad field with a wide array of different careers available to students who study in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State.

It’s a young and applied science that allows students to learn something in the classroom and immediately go out into the community and see it happening in everyday life.

“Nutrition is very exciting right now in that it holds great promise for being one of the largest solutions for how we might control health care costs through prevention,” says Clinical Assistant Professor Neilann Horner.

Students may choose among three options within the Nutrition major: Dietetics, Nutrition Health Sciences and Nutrition Foodservice Systems.

In addition to the option of becoming a registered dietitian, graduates will be well prepared for a number of careers, including positions in clinical settings, hospitals and long-term care providing medical nutrition therapy for patients, consulting in culinary industries and more.

“If you love science, are creative and you see yourself in a disease prevention role, nutrition may be a lovely fit for you,” Neilann says.

Learn more about the types of courses students take, various clubs and programs available, and research and potential job opportunities in the video above or on the Nutrition web page.