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Video: Get fit at work through Faculty Staff Fitness

In a fun, convenient and welcoming environment, Faculty Staff Fitness caters to your busy schedule to ensure fitting in a daily workout is a breeze.

Housed in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Faculty Staff Fitness (FSF) offers a variety of health and wellness topic programming to faculty, staff, retirees, graduate students and their partners and spouses.

The program began more than 30 years ago with 10 classes and has grown over the years to include nearly 40 different classes ranging from aquatics to circuit weight training to Zumba and golf.

Faculty Staff Fitness swimming class during lunch.
Faculty Staff Fitness swimming class during lunch.

“We’re also branching out into more health and wellness topics by offering ‘Yoga for your Eyes’ and nutrition consultations to our participants because we know physical activity and nutrition by themselves doesn’t make up the person – but those interrelated and connected do,” says FSF and Physical Activity Course Director Drew Ibarra.

The program is designed to accommodate everyone – from beginners to those training for triathlons.

“Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build your self-confidence or alleviate stress and feel better, Faculty Staff Fitness is here to help you achieve your goals,” says FSF Coordinator and Instructor Rochelle Schwab, who formerly served as director of FSF.

“I started taking a swimming class about three years ago,” says FSF participant and College of Engineering faculty Kai Lu. “In the beginning, I knew nothing. I was afraid of water, afraid of the cold and I couldn’t take my breaths. But I kept coming, and my instructors were patient, helpful and friendly, and gradually I learned how to swim.”

“I think participation in Faculty Staff Fitness classes has really helped improve my health by encouraging me to do the things I wouldn’t do on my own,” says FSF participant and College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty Tess Collins.

Faculty Staff Fitness Coordinator Rochelle Schwab teaches a kickboxing class during lunch.
Faculty Staff Fitness Coordinator Rochelle Schwab teaches a kickboxing class during lunch.

Classes are offered at a variety of times including early morning, during lunch and later afternoon.

“The time that works really well for me is during lunch,” Tess says. “I can walk right over from my office, get changed, get my workout in 45 minutes and then be back to work. Not having to drive to a gym or pay exorbitant gym or class fees has been amazing.”

Faculty Staff Fitness also builds more than muscle. It builds community.

“People enjoy it,” Rochelle says. “They have other available outlets around campus and Corvallis, but they always come back home, and that’s Faculty Staff Fitness.”

“You have no excuse for not taking advantage of this,” Kai says. “Join the FSF program and get fit and be healthy. It’s a lifelong benefit.”

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