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The fitness diaries: Jacqui Wollin

For the love of body, mind – and cheese

Jacqui in a warrior two pose at OSU

CPHHS student clerical assistant Jacqui Wollin’s fitness routine has changed the way she looks at the world. The OSU anthropology student starts every morning with a yoga routine. She’s been doing yoga for the past six years and still amazes herself as she becomes stronger and more flexible in her practice.

For her, body and mind are in constant balance. When she practices yoga, she feels connected to herself and the present moment, which deflects anxiety and stress. This balance helps her juggle a busy schedule, which includes a full-time class schedule, work and social commitments.

She also loves yoga because it doesn’t feel like a workout. For her, it’s relaxing and fun. Jacqui says that her yoga practice is also a great way for her to counter some of the physical strains that come from working at a desk or siting in class much of the day. And in the back of her mind, she knows that she’s working hard and challenging her body, which makes it a win-win.

Practicing yoga brings Jacqui peace of mind

Jacqui doesn’t stop being active when she rolls up her yoga mat. Since she moved to Corvallis a year ago, she’s become engaged in many new activities. She also does home workouts, rides her bike to campus and around town, hits the hiking trails and runs. She ran her first half marathon in April and is currently training for another in the fall. Acknowledging that she gets bored easily, Jacqui is continuously adding activities, such as mountain biking, to her fitness bucket list.

Most college students love to eat, and Jacqui is no exception. She says that it’s especially important for her to be active and make sure she’s giving her body the proper fuel it needs to perform at its best. Jacqui values healthful eating and eats clean most of the time, rewarding herself with the occasional pizza, pasta or cheese.

“Exercise is an act of self-love,” she says. “It’s taking care of yourself. I never go more than three days without exercising, and I pay myself $1 for every workout I do.”

Pushing her body and seeing what it’s capable of keeps Jacqui motivated. A Socrates quote inspires her: “It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty in which her body is capable.”

“I want to see what my body is capable of,” Jacqui says. “I continuously surprise myself with how far I can run, how strong my chatarungas are and how many squats I can do.”

Jacqui says that aside from the physical benefits that come from being active, the mental benefits equally keep her going. “You have to have mental strength and determination to keep pushing yourself to grow and be better than you were yesterday,” she says. “Motivation can be hard some days, but I never regret a workout.”

And the Wisconsin native also admits that being active allows her to savor her favorite food. “I’m a lover of all things cheese,” Jacqui says. “I eat a lot of cheese; I love cheese.”

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