Kinesiology Students

CPHHS student going for his personal gold

Believe it or not, Keet somehow is able to sleep at night. He manages his busy schedule with a delicate balance of keeping a meticulous calendar and asking for help from his advisors.

Keet Daly
Keet Dailey is a Kinesiology student in the CPHHS. Photo courtesy of Rec Sports.

Keet Dailey, 22, is a Kinesiology student in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences (CPHHS) – but he’s so much more. Keet is also a student-worker at OSU’s Dixon Recreation Center, a member of the OSU Triathlon Club and is training for a half Ironman.

Believe it or not, Keet somehow is able to sleep at night. He manages his busy schedule with a delicate balance of keeping a meticulous calendar and asking for help from his advisors.

“It’s important for students to talk to their advisors and their professors to make a flexible plan to meet their goals,” Keet says. “It can be a difficult task to balance school, work, family, friends and a social life, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

Keet says that when he prioritizes tasks that need to be completed on a calendar, he can get a better idea of how much time will be needed for each task. If the tasks become overwhelming, he knows it’s time to ask for help.

Keet Daly
Keet at the Triathlon World Championship in Chicago, Sept. 2015. He placed 16th in world for his age group and 108th overall in the world. Photo courtesy of Rec Sports.

“We’re all trying to graduate, so why not help each other out and work together to reach our goal.”

Finding his academic path

Keet’s original path at Oregon State didn’t include the CPHHS. When he was initially accepted to OSU, he thought he wanted to be a physician and chose Biology as his major.

“After a year of classes, meeting with advisors and professors and talking with my friends, it became obvious to me that I was in the wrong major,” Keet says. “I took the summer off to think about what was important to me and how I could apply my values to a future career. I came to the conclusion that I had a passion for health and wellness, nutrition and exercise. It became clear to me that a major in Kinesiology was the best fit for me.”

Since he’s been a student in the CPHHS, Keet has been impressed with the many opportunities to be involved and says that there is so much he wants to learn about public health and human sciences.

Mentally and physically strong

Keet’s been involved with the OSU Triathlon Club since he was a freshman living off campus. He says joining the club helped him to get comfortable with the transition to college.

Keet Daly
Keet crosses the finish line and places first at the Wildflower Triathlon in Lake San Antonia, Calif. in May 2016. Photo courtesy of Rec Sports.

“I was able to meet new people, learn new triathlon skills and become settled into my first year of college,” he says. “I’ve also had the privilege of traveling with the team to three National Championships and to the famous Wildflower Triathlon three times. These races have allowed me to meet other collegiate triathletes across the country that are exactly like our team.”

Continuing to sharpen his skills has paid off. On May 5, 2017 he placed third in his age group at St. George Ironman 70.3, which qualified him for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Keet currently trains an average of 15-28 hours each week in preparation for the event. He arranges his schedule so that he’s able to swim, bike, run, lift and do core work 3-5 times each week.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to share the race course with the best male and female 70.3 triathletes in the world,” he says. “Having previously raced in a world championship, I appreciate the opportunity because many athletes want to do the race, but few get the opportunity. The passion and energy that comes from these world class races is unlike anything around. It’s an experience of a lifetime, one that I will never forget.”

A job with positive vibes

Keet works as a member of Dixon Recreation Center’s operational staff and says that every time he walks into work, he feels at home. The job has provided him with the opportunity to do what he loves in a positive and supportive environment.

“It’s a place I can be myself, work out, study, talk to people, and grow professionally,” he says. “Best of all, I get the opportunity to work in the best department on campus! I’m surrounded by co-workers with amazing qualities ­– they challenge you, support your dreams, make you smile and make every moment one to remember.”

Crossing the finish line

Keet plans to graduate with his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in Spring 2018. For now, he’s taking it one step at a time towards graduation and he’s thinking about his personal goals, which currently include becoming a professional triathlete by the time he graduates.

Keet Daly
Keet after completing the Triathlon World Championship in Chicago, Sept. 2015. Photo courtesy of Rec Sports.

“I would love to travel the world racing as a professional triathlete and have the opportunity to experience different cultures at each race,” he says. “I’ve had the opportunity to see many places here in the U.S., and there is still a lot I’d like to see. Being able to make friends all over the world has always been a dream of mine.”

Read a recent Rec Sports story on Keet, which includes a video of him assisting a fellow runner to the finish line at the 2017 Collegiate Nationals in April.