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Nutrition alumna honored for her influence on Oregonian health

Anne Goetze receives Red Plate Award at Oregon Nutrition Update

L to R: Extension Family & Community Health Jenny Rudolph, Anne Goetze and Moore Family Center Director Emily Ho

Anne Goetze’s interest in nutrition started in high school health class and has evolved into a career where she’s positioned to influence statewide programs supporting healthy communities. And in May, the senior director of nutrition affairs for the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council was selected as this year’s Moore Family Center Red Plate Award recipient for her impact on the nutrition and health of Oregonians.

Anne was honored as part of the Oregon Nutrition Update conference hosted by the college’s Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventative Health and the OHSU Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness. Held on May 18, the conference featured sessions led by experts in the field and centered on the food environment.

Anne earned her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition – Dietetics from Oregon State (’87) and completed her dietetic internship at the University of California (’88). She attributes her career development to the support she received from the college’s professors and alumni network.

“It was one of my OSU professors who really encouraged me and recommended me for my first job at the Quaker Oats Company in Chicago,” Anne says. “I got my job at the Dairy and Nutrition Council through an OSU alumna who was a couple years ahead of me and already working there.”

Anne’s 28-year tenure with the council reflects her commitment to the nutrition field. Her work is varied, and she tirelessly connects with dairy farmers, processors, dietitians, students and partners to educate the public about nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

“Agriculture is a long-term commitment; dairy farming certainly is, too,” she says. “I respect the work they do and want to do my part to help the industry thrive.”

Although Anne works locally with Oregon dairy farmers and processors, she has a global outlook. Anne and her coworkers help tell the story of how farmers have and are implementing changes to support a sustainable food system. When collaborating with community influencers, she explains how farmers are working to ensure we have a thriving planet for generations to come.

“We absolutely believe dairy products are an irreplaceable part of a healthy diet,” Anne says. “And we’re working to educate Oregonians about how they’re part of a sustainable food system.”

To answer questions about dairy farming, Anne and her coworkers lead farm tours with health and wellness professionals who educate the public. “We have a real commitment to farm-to-table messaging and also table-to-farm. It’s the choices people make that impact whether or not we’re going to have farms.”

Anne’s influence within the nutrition field is wide-ranging. She strives to be a relevant and strategic resource for dairy processors by helping them interpret consumer research, apply new nutrition policies and develop product innovations. She provides current and future dietitians with continuing education and is a conduit for health and nutrition education in Oregon.

Through partnerships with Oregon State University, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon SNAP-Ed, Providence Health and Services and more, Anne develops and implements health and wellness promotion programs.

“The programs are about consuming more dairy, whole grains, vegetables and fruits,” Anne says. “We work to bring forward research that makes an even stronger case for dairy foods as part of a healthy diet.”

When talking about this work, Anne says she is grateful to work for an organization that values the health of communities. Her passion for helping people discover how to have a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle shines through. She believes the partnerships, outreach initiatives and her enthusiasm for prevention education contributed to receiving the award — even if she says others were worthier.

Moore Family Center Endowed Director Emily Ho says it was a unanimous decision to honor Anne with the Red Plate Award.

As Emily welcomed Anne to the stage she said, “Anne engages and commits at every level – from farm-to-table and beyond – empowering students, farmers, fellow dieticians, health practitioners and state leaders across the industry. Most importantly, she is able to connect all these networks to promote nutrition and health. Anne leads with heart, dedication and infectious enthusiasm, which has activated countless others to join the cause of improved health in Oregon.”

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