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Checking all the boxes – from kinesiology to medical school

Planning to enroll in medical school is a big decision, from pre-planning and self-reflection to gaining experience and starting the application process.    

Kinesiology alum Jonathan Sisley, ’18, says he was confident applying to medical schools thanks to the support he received during his undergraduate experience at Oregon State.    

“The pre-med curriculum at OSU makes sure all your boxes are checked for every [medical] university,” says Jonathan, who recently finished his first semester at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland.   

“Some may want more biochemistry, while others want more anatomy. I was confident going from Oregon State that I would have all the requirements met for all the universities I was applying to.”  

In addition to the curriculum, Jonathan credits the help of college advisors in preparing him for the application process.   

“Applying to medical school is a long road,” Jonathan says. “Make sure that you’re communicating with your advisor as early on as possible to help plan out the process.” 

CPHHS students who plan to apply to medical school have a dedicated pre-med advisor throughout their undergraduate degree, through the application process and after graduation.   

“It is important that students stay connected with their undergraduate advisors since most of them graduate before they begin the process of applying,” says Carey Hilbert, CPHHS associate head academic advisor.   

Carey also suggests students do their research before starting on the path to medical school.   

“Know what the life of a physician is like – the really wonderful moments to the very worst,” she says.   

For more information about CPHHS pre-med options, visit health.oregonstate.edu/academics/pre-med. 

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