Video: Nutrition flash mob

Nutrition and Dietetics Club students and Student Health Services hosted a Nutrition Flash Mob Thursday, April 25 at the Memorial Union quad in order to raise awareness about healthy eating on campus.

The flash mob included students, faculty and staff from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the OSU Elite Dance Team, as well as employees across campus.

After the dance, students and staff members passed out free samples of fruits and vegetables, as well as coupons, as a way of advising students of the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, and encouraging them to eat healthy on campus. Event organizers discussed with students different types of food that is good for you, and where you can conveniently find them on campus.

  • correction: all of the dancers until 1:22 are members of OSU Elite Dance Team. Rachel Kelly, who headed up the Flash Mob is both a member of NDC and OSU Elite Dance Team :)

  • Thanks @facebook-612853275:disqus! We’ll fix that in a second here. Is the OSU Elite Dance Team’s Facebook page considered to be the official main location on the web, or is there something else we should link to?