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Video: Exploring Public Health

As an accredited College of Public Health and Human Sciences, we prepare students to tackle public health issues across the world.

Undergraduate Public Health students can choose from two options: Health Management and Policy and Health Promotion and Health Behavior.

With a degree in Public Health, alumni can choose to attend graduate school or head right into the work force where they can work in health promotion and health behavior, develop programs such as in diabetes prevention or HIV awareness, or focus on health management and policy where they could serve the leaders and managers and run the programs.

“Our program in public health at the undergraduate level is completely unique,” says Associate Professor Stephanie Bernell. “We are one of the top programs in the country, and that’s important to know. We’re an accredited program, and students are so well prepared that they can go on to do tremendous things in the workforce or in graduate school. And we have students all over the world working in public health and that’s what makes us a very unique place to go; our reach is far and wide.”

Learn more about the types of courses students take, various clubs and programs available, and research and potential job opportunities in the video above or on the Public Health web page.