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What’s in your water?

College and Extension faculty share the ins and outs of ensuring your drinking water is safe. The big takeaway: Arsenic, nitrate and lead are tasteless, odorless and invisible. The only way to know if they are present is to test your water using a certified laboratory.

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From here to there: A Q&A with Community Health Coordinator Marissa Lovell, MPH ’21

Health promotion and health behavior alumna Marissa Lovell, MPH ’21, joined the college to discuss life after college, her current role and more.

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Medical mistrust, misinformation factor into Latino vaccine hesitancy

Lack of trusted medical sources, traumatic past experiences with medical care and widespread misinformation have contributed to COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among Latino communities.

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Alumna combines passions to create healthy futures

Get to know Ashley Vaughn, the College of Public Health and Human Sciences’ newest public health instructor.

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Commencement 2021: Maddie Fuhrman

Maddie is an undergraduate student studying public health and will celebrate her graduation this spring. In fall 2021, she will start a Master of Science in Nursing program at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Isolate the problem

CPHHS faculty, students and alumni addressed how COVID-19 has made isolation and health disparities even worse for Latinx communities