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Commencement 2017: Q&A with Luis “Junior” Rivera, BS Dietetics and Exercise Sport Science

Junior Rivera

Junior will graduate on June 17 with his bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Exercise and Sport Science

Luis “Junior” Rivera will receive his bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Exercise and Sport Science on June 17. Junior completed a paid internship while a student in the CPHHS and has his sights set on becoming a physician assistant.

Synergies caught up with Junior to ask him about his time at OSU and his future plans.

Synergies: How did you choose your major?

Junior: “I chose dietetics as a major when my father with diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I knew very little about the disease and wanted to educate myself and my family on the options we had available. Through research, I’ve learned the power that positive dietary habits have not only on improving health, but also in providing hope and encouragement regardless of culture.

“I chose to complete a second degree in exercise science with a psychology minor because I aspire to be a health professional who offers patients a comprehensive explanation of their health condition and a deeper insight on mitigating their symptoms.”

Synergies: What are you most proud of from your time in the college?

Junior: “The proudest accomplishment I had during my time in college was landing a paid internship at the Benton County Health Department less than a year at OSU. My responsibilities included coordinating Campeones de Salud (Champions of Health) for two years, which provides free health resources and screenings to more than 2,000 community members throughout a three-day weekend. The individuals I worked with during this experience truly helped make me the student and professional I am today.”

Synergies: What are the most memorable lessons you learned while a student in the CPHHS?

Junior: “I learned that college can be stressful and overwhelming – but it’s a very positive thing because it is a reminder that ultimately you are responsible for your success and development, and that’s a level of independence and accountability not many have the ability to feel on a day-to-day basis.”

Synergies: What will you miss most about the CPHHS, OSU, or Corvallis?

Junior: “I will miss the Corvallis community the most – at every turn you are provided with the opportunity to challenge yourself both academically and personally. This community welcomes that aspect of your development more than any other I have seen.”

Synergies: What’s next for you?

Junior: “I plan to apply to physician assistant school and continue my education.”

Synergies: Do you have any advice for current or incoming students?

Junior: “Take the time to explore different majors – take exploratory courses, interview professionals and do online research. Do whatever it takes to find a passion worth losing sleep over.”