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Seeking a better relationship with food? Try intuitive eating.

Have you ever tried to follow a rigid diet plan? Do you often think about dieting or food in general? Cue the need for intuitive eating.

Nutrition Students

Dietetics student wants to fill gap in cerebral palsy health care

Jon Dotter says Oregon State’s dietetics program will help him pay it forward

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Commencement 2021: Lisa Perrett

Lisa is an undergraduate student studying nutrition and dietetics who will graduate in spring 2021. After graduation, she will attend the University of Utah’s coordinated master’s program in nutrition and dietetics with a focus in sports nutrition.


Fuel the force

Dietetics students create nutrition program for Corvallis Police Department

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Fancy some fruit on your head?

“We are trying to change the stigma of being overweight and the negative effect that can have,” Tyler Chase, club president and a senior majoring in Nutrition, says. “Being healthy isn’t about reaching the finish line or having a specific body. It’s a behavior that you can incorporate no matter how much you weigh.”

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Commencement 2017: Q&A with Luis “Junior” Rivera, BS Dietetics and Exercise Sport Science

Luis “Junior” Rivera will receive his bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Exercise and Sport Science on June 17. Junior completed a paid internship while a student in the CPHHS and has his sights set on becoming a physician assistant.