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Commencement 2017: Q&A with Maysa Shakibnia-Shirazi, BS Public Health

Maysa Shakibnia-Shirazi

Maysa will graduate on June 17 with her bachelor’s degree in Public Health

Maysa Shakibnia-Shirazi will receive her bachelor’s degree in Public Health on June 17. She is an honors student, studied abroad in Spain, did research in Iran in summer 2016, earned several scholarships during her time at OSU and has been accepted into Oregon Health & Science University’s (OHSU) nursing program. 

Synergies caught up with Maysa to ask her about her time at OSU and the CPHHS and her future plans.

Synergies: How did you choose your major?

Maysa: “I initially started in health promotion and health behavior, and the more classes I took the more I felt validated that this was really wanted I wanted to pursue.”

Synergies: What are you most proud of from your time in college?

Maysa: “Definitely my study abroad experiences in Spain and Iran and writing and defending my thesis. This past summer, I spent two months in Iran studying at Tehran University doing research for my thesis, “A Critical Public Health Analysis of Drug Dependency Among Iranian Women.”

Synergies: Did you receive any scholarships or assistance during your time at OSU? 

Maysa: “Yes! Scholarships were key in funding my education. I was fortunate to be the recipient of some community scholarships, a few honors college grants, as well as substantial CPHHS scholarships.”

Synergies: What are the most memorable lessons you learned while a student in the CPHHS?

Maysa: “How important and versatile public health is. As a student in the CPHHS, you truly see the intersections in how public health methods are applicable to almost everything and so critical to the success of our communities.”

Synergies: What will you miss most about the CPHHS, OSU or Corvallis?

Maysa: “I grew up in Corvallis, and this town has really been my home for the past 22 years. Though I am eager to move to this next stage of my life, I will really miss the community and people here, especially all the relationships and connections that I have made. I have been so privileged to have such an amazing support system here.”

Synergies: What’s next for you?

Maysa: “I will be attending OHSU this summer in order to get my bachelor’s degree in nursing through the accelerated program. I hope to be a nurse practitioner and specialize in pediatrics or family practice.”

Synergies: Do you have any advice for current or incoming students?

Maysa: “Find things to pursue that interest you! You cannot focus on the experiences of others in order to validate yourself. Everyone has a different journey with varying stages, interests and time frames, so don’t compare your path to that of others. Being true to your identity and your needs is critical in order to be successful and independent in the long run.”