Get your motor running

TEAM OREGON, a motorcycle safety program at OSU’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences, has launched a new website.

TEAM OREGON, a College of Public Health and Human Sciences program, launched a brand-new website in January. The motorcycle safety program serves as a resource for motorcyclists and provides statewide training and education for riders of all levels of experience and riding ability.

The website,, represents another TEAM OREGON collaboration with A-VIBE Web Development in Portland. (Earlier and current projects include eLearning curriculum development for both TEAM OREGON and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department.) To help riders comply with state mandatory training requirements, A-VIBE and TEAM OREGON developed an interactive course selection tool for visitors to quickly find the motorcycle training course specific to their needs and skill level. Once a visitor answers a few questions about their age, license status and riding experience, they are directed to a course locator on a state map where they can immediately register for the correct TEAM OREGON course.

The new site uses a clean, concise design that showcases the beauty and mystique of motorcycling in Oregon. The design themes, layouts and banner images change with the content, all of which is housed in a custom content management system (CMS) built in Adobe ColdFusion. The CMS allows TEAM OREGON staff to update text, images and features instantly – and from anywhere. “The new site is simple to maintain and has a quick page load, including for users of mobile devices,” said Pat Hahn, TEAM OREGON communications manager. “The information and navigation focus closely on our primary objective: getting riders trained and properly licensed.”

In development for 2012 are strategies to dispel myths and shed light on Oregon motorcycle fatalities, common crash scenarios and expert riding tips to avoid them. Recommended reading, favorite routes and scenic rides will help set expectations for safe riding behavior and educate visitors about riding culture. “The new CMS provides the perfect platform for our program to evolve as a world leader in motorcycle safety,” says Hahn.

Instructor and rider during TEAM OREGON training course
Instructor and rider during TEAM OREGON training course

TEAM OREGON, founded in 1984, is a cooperative partnership with the Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon State University and headquartered in Corvallis. The program’s mission is to foster and promote safe and responsible motorcycle operation through quality rider education programs and public information campaigns.