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A healthier lifestyle for all

The outdoors is a multi-pronged form of medicine for mental and physical health, community building and conservation development. Unfortunately, not everyone can access it.

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Building resilience with mindfulness

HDFS Instructor Lura Reed talks practicing resilience with mindfulness in this 10 in 10 video.

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Time-specific safety interventions needed to improve construction worker safety, OSU study finds

Workers in the construction industry are most likely to suffer injuries early in their shifts, and those working night shifts experience more severe injuries, a recent OSU study finds.

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OSU’s TRACE Community COVID-19 sampling in Redmond suggests 32 cases per 1,000 residents

The TRACE results demonstrate the importance of determining a COVID-19 prevalence estimate for Redmond with winter continuing strongly in Central Oregon.

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Youth with autism see sharp decline in physical activity between ages 9-13, OSU study finds

To best help kids with autism maintain healthy rates of physical activity, interventions should be targeted during the ages of 9 to 13, when kids show the biggest drop in active time.

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Dogs synchronize their behavior with children, but not as much as with adults, study finds

There is a growing evidence that dogs can help children in many ways, including with social development, increasing physical activity and managing anxiety.

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‘Aging well’ greatly affected by hopes and fears for later life, OSU study finds

If you believe you’re capable of becoming a healthy, engaged person in old age, you are more likely to experience that outcome.