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The WAVE~Ripples for Change Open House applauds collaboration


The importance of collaboration was a key theme at the Oregon State The WAVE~Ripples for Change open house held May 23.

Researchers and partners from the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, College of Engineering, Extension and Media Services hosted the event to promote the nearly $5 million grant they received from the USDA to develop an obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle program for teenagers.

Nutrition Assistant Professor and WAVE Project Director Siew Sun Wong shows the audience a sensor that will be worn by participants to collect data.

Project directors say this grant incorporates a unique, holistic approach that includes Extension and expertise across campus.

“So often, IT is behind the scenes,” says Vice Provost for Information Services Lois Brooks. “It’s an unusual and exciting opportunity to step up as academic partners.”

“I believe collaboration is the most important thing leadership in a college can support,” says College of Engineering Dean Sandra Woods. “The College of Engineering truly values collaboration, and the ability to use Extension in this manner is extraordinary.”

“I am very excited about what this project will accomplish,” says Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement Scott Reed. “This team has the right people, the right disciplines, adapted tracking devices, cool innovations; and they’re working across the missions of a land grant university. This project will demonstrate that we know how to listen as much as we talk, and learn as much as we teach.”


The WAVE~Ripples for Change: Obesity Prevention for Active Youth in Afterschool Programs Using Virtual- and Real-World Experiential Learning will develop, evaluate and compare the effectiveness of virtual- and real-world learning environments integrated into a two-year physical activity, nutrition, family and consumer sciences life-skill-building intervention for obesity prevention among active youth ages 15-19.

“Our primary goal is to see our target audience maintain healthy weight, improve diet and reduce sedentary behavior,” says Nutrition Assistant Professor and WAVE project director Siew Sun Wong. “Most importantly, this project will help them acquire skills that will allow them to maintain behavior over their lifespan.”

Read this press release for more information about The WAVE~Ripples for Change project.