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PAC/FSF leaders set a high bar for fitness instruction

Two fitness-focused CPHHS programs have recently completed equipment upgrades and renovations to provide students and faculty with high-quality, fun and safe movement experiences.

upgraded gym equipment

By Hanna Knowles

Faculty Staff Fitness (FSF) and the Physical Activity Courses (PAC) program recently completed equipment upgrades and renovations to provide students and faculty with high-quality, fun and safe movement experiences. 

Women’s Building room 009 is now a functional training space, and Langton room 013 is set to offer space for cardio conditioning. 

“We strive to bring Oregon State faculty, staff and graduate students educated, safe, effective fitness programs at a convenient location,” says Coordinator of FSF Dee Gillen. “These upgrades will give us the opportunity to envision and innovate curriculum and training in the aerobics and fitness realms to meet the demand of today’s markets and industries.” 

Drew Ibarra, director of PAC, says OSU Athletics upgraded equipment to support its efforts in training high-performance student athletes and offered CPHHS the vast majority of its current equipment. 

Dee says this equipment will allow PAC and FSF instructors to teach at their best ability. 

“This allows us to teach kinesiology students the latest techniques in health and fitness, provide Physical Activity Course students updated versions of fitness classes, and add variety to the Faculty Staff Fitness program.” 

Drew says that because of this space they are still able to deliver physically distanced programming. “Without it we would not be able to deliver many PAC and FSF courses that have been core to our programs for decades.” 

Drew says the success of this project is a reflection of Oregon State’s commitment to its community.  

“OSU Facilities supported us with the move and the development of new activity spaces that allow us to teach to today’s standard of practice in the fitness realm.” 

He says the following individuals were key in the implementation: Dee, Debi Rothermund and Sonny Goodnature from CPHHS; FSF volunteers; Associate Athletic Director of Sports Performance Jeff Macy; and Travis Lafon, Andy Gray, Jeff Curry and Kevin Christman from OSU Facilities.  

Oregon State Faculty Staff Fitness 

Housed in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, the Faculty Staff Fitness program is designed to accommodate everyone — from beginners to the highly trained. It provides year-round opportunities to focus on fitness, embrace wellness, make connections and earn the long-term rewards of an active lifestyle. 

To add some movement to your day, even in times of COVID-19, visit Faculty Staff Fitness 

Physical Activity Course Program 

Physical activity courses provide an interactive and engaging experience that allows students to learn through active participation in a variety of physical activities. Recognizing individual interests and abilities, the program provides courses that cater to all levels and abilities. 

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