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Managing pandemic stress at every age

Healthy aging experts share insight into how older adults cope with stress related to the pandemic, and how people of all ages can use it as a learning experience.

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Older adults found resilience during pandemic through community, human connection, study finds

“It’s a mistake to think of older adults as just being sort of victims during COVID,” Carolyn says. “They’re a lot more resilient than we think they are.”

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Rural-urban divide compounds racial disparities in COVID-19 deaths, study finds

A recent study found the risk of dying from COVID-19 was even greater for racial and ethnic minority groups in rural areas compared with urban areas.

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Inside the mind of student researcher Shelbie Turner

How much do the goals you have throughout your life impact your health in later years? Shelbie Turner, a PhD student studying human development and family sciences, is seeking answers.

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Sixth TRACE-COVID-19 survey in Corvallis estimates 13 people in 1,000 had virus

The sixth round of sampling throughout Corvallis by TRACE-COVID-19 workers on March 13 and 14 suggested 13 people per 1,000 carried the novel coronavirus on those days

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Want a longer, healthier life? Resolve your arguments by day’s end, OSU study says

An Oregon State study found that when people feel they have resolved an argument, the emotional response associated with that disagreement is significantly reduced.

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Cells burn more calories after just one bout of moderate aerobic exercise, OSU study finds

In a recent study testing the effects of exercise on overall metabolism, researchers at Oregon State University found that even a single session of moderate aerobic exercise makes a difference in the cells of otherwise sedentary people.