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CPHHS receives grant to implement equity reforms

As a land grant university, we have in our mission a goal of reaching every community throughout the state.

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Post-2020 wildfires, Santiam Canyon residents burned out by trauma, red tape

Residents are struggling to find housing, wrestling with government bureaucracy and worried about toxins in the water, air and soil, all while burdened by the trauma of losing their homes.

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Self-perceptions of aging and stress have significant impact on physical health, OSU study finds

Researchers found that people who reported more positive self-perceptions of aging were more insulated from the physical effects of stress compared with people who felt more negatively about their own aging.

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Pregnant women living near fracking sites face higher risk of hypertension

In the U.S., an estimated 11.3 million people live within 1 km of a drilling site.

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Major water birth safety study finds no increased risk of death, major trauma

Water births had a lower risk of several maternal and neonatal outcomes, including postpartum hemorrhage and hospitalization soon after delivery, and no increase in neonatal death.

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Study abroad during a global pandemic? It only seems impossible until you do it.

Global health grad students in the CPHHS participated in virtual study abroad experience due to the pandemic’s limitations on travel.