Kinesiology Research

Barefoot and minimal shoes may increase injury risk in young runners

OSU-Cascades kinesiology researchers find increased impact forces

Public Health Research

Home health care linked to increased hospice use 

Findings suggest that early home health care may facilitate access to hospice care, resulting in greater comfort and support for individuals facing end-of-life decisions.

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Study sheds light on links between cognitive and motor skill development in children with autism

College of Health researchers highlight the ways motor skills and cognitive skills develop in connection with each other in young children with autism.

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Doctoral researcher develops an AI-powered tool to assess workplace injuries

Existing workplace injury assessment tools didn’t meet her needs. So, she’s creating one that does.

HDFS Research

Board book promotes healthy beginnings

Professor Megan McClelland helped co-create the research-based baby board book “Bunny to Bunny”

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Veterans’ PTSD symptoms are affected by factors like service appraisal, social support

Oregon State College of Health study finds veterans’ personal views of combat experiences and the support they get upon returning home are stronger predictors of PTSD symptoms than the specific conflict in which they served