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Experts say plan meals, eat mindfully

Learning to plan meals may be difficult for many Oregon State students as they transition from having meals prepared at home or in a more structured environment. Mary Cluskey, associate professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, says techniques such as meal prepping and smart grocery shopping can help form healthy eating […]


Back to school: activity with purpose

In 1920, almost all U.S. colleges had physical education requirements. By 1970, it was about 70 percent. In 2013, CPHHS kinesiology professor Brad Cardinal and his colleagues published a study that found that number had plummeted to about 40 percent.


The fitness diaries: Erica Woekel

The key to Erica Woekel staying fit and healthy is variety. The CPHHS Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Lifetime Fitness for Health (LFH) Program has been active since she was young, but as a busy adult she sometimes finds time and motivation as fitness challenges.