Elizabeth McBride Menashe: Advocate, volunteer, fundraiser

“I have always been keenly aware of the nutrition needs of children and the plight of abused children,” says Elizabeth Menashe ’57 nutrition and food management. Giving knowledge and service back to her community has been a lifelong practice. Elizabeth recently made a $25,000 pledge to the College of Health and Human Sciences.

HDFS Research

Giving kids a Head Start

The latest issue of Terra, OSU’s research magazine, features a story about how a single mother of three finds the best care for her 4-year-old daughter at OSU’s Child Development Laboratory, which is a part of the college’s new Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families.


For children, for families, for the future

At 9:09 a.m. on the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year of 2009, the Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families was officially launched. As the ceremony began, the chimes atop the Memorial Union played the OSU fight song and children built a pyramid of giant blocks, topping it with a “Thank You” to the late Hallie Ford, and to her children and grandchildren who attended the ceremony.


Program launch of the new Hallie Ford Center

Just prior to her passing at age 102, Hallie Ford gave an $8 million gift to the college to build the center that will carry on her legacy of love, respect, and support for children and families.