Patrick O’Shea

Awarded with the Alvin Roy Award, bestowed post-humously by the National Strength and Conditioning Association


“The Alvin Roy Award represents the years of dedication, ground breaking research, and pushing the boundaries of the human physiology in weight training in my dad’s career,” said Sean O’Shea on receiving the award for his father, Pat O’Shea, who passed away in 2004.

“Seeing what my dad meant to his colleagues and students was one of the biggest joys of accepting the award.”

The award, given posthumously, recognizes an individual whose career achievements have made a major historical impact on the scientific understanding, methodologies, practices and general awareness of resistance training as a component of sports conditioning. Pat’s work distinguished him as one of the pioneers and premiere contributors to the body sport and performance research.

Sean added, “His legacy is in how we apply proper weight training into our everyday lives to be more successful…be it the person trying to lose that extra 20 pounds or the professional athlete digging in to do that last extra rep.”