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Kinesiology professor tapped as interim dean

Christine Pollard to serve as interim dean of academic affairs for OSU-Cascades beginning on June 1.

Christine Pollard to serve as interim dean of academic affairs for OSU-Cascades

By Kathryn Stroppel

In her new role as interim dean of academic affairs for OSU-Cascades, Christine Pollard will provide key leadership for academic excellence and success, provide operational oversight and guidance to academic programs, and act as a campus liaison with leaders in Corvallis. She will also continue to act as director for the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.  

Her service begins June 1 and is part of a reshuffling resulting from former OSU-Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson being named OSU’s interim president. Andrew Ketsdever, former dean of academic affairs at OSU-Cascades, is assuming the role of interim vice president at the Bend campus.  

Christine joined OSU-Cascades in 2011 to develop and lead the kinesiology program, was granted tenure in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences in 2016, and was recently promoted to full professor. During the past several years, Christine developed the DPT program at OSU-Cascades, which will be the first doctoral degree at that campus and the first DPT program at a public university in Oregon. 

Christine has been extensively involved in leadership across OSU and the OSU-Cascades campus. She was the first OSU-Cascades faculty member to serve on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee in Corvallis, and she has served as chair of the OSU-Cascades Academic Faculty Council. Christine was the first AFC chairperson to join the vice president’s leadership team at OSU-Cascades.  

As the DPT program director, she currently serves on the Dean’s Executive Council, and she previously served on the Dean’s Advisory Committee within the CPHHS. Christine also is actively engaged in philanthropic work related to the kinesiology and DPT programs, and her commitment to community engagement was featured at the 2020 OSU President’s Dinner. 

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