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Go Baby Go: Fueled by charity, equity, joy and hope

F.O.E. goes the distance by providing cars and cash to support disabled children

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Broad support needed to maximize impact of cars designed for kids with mobility issues

For the first month and a half after receiving a modified toy car designed for children with disabilities, the kids and their families seemed motivated to use driving as a means of exploration and socialization. But in the month and a half after that, most kids’ driving time fell off to almost nothing. Sam Logan, […]

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Ride-on car study tracks actual usage

The highly collaborative manuscript “Real world tracking of modified ride-on car usage of young children with disabilities” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Motor Learning and Development. Two of the co-authors are high school seniors Joshua and Benjamin Phelps, who also volunteered in Sam Logan’s Social Mobility Lab. The two developed the technology installed in modified, ride-on cars that […]

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Go Baby Go gets attention on campus

Go Baby Go was recently featured in The Daily Barometer. Under the direction of Assistant Professor Sam Logan, Go Baby Go is a community-based national research, design and outreach program that provides modified ride-on cars to children birth to age 3 who experience limited mobility. Undergraduate students Christina Cafferata and Jenna Fitzgerald contributed to the story.

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‘Go Baby Go’ mobility program for children with disabilities expands to OSU

The modified toy cars give children with mobility disabilities a chance to play and socialize with their peers more easily, said Sam Logan, an assistant professor in the CPHHS and leader of the Go Baby Go project at OSU.