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OER at Work: Expanding access to learning on all fronts

As an epidemiology professor and beyond, Marit Bovbjerg has championed OSU’s Open Educational Resource efforts.


CPHHS sweeps Breaking Barriers awards night

The OSU President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCOSW) held its annual Breaking Barriers awards night on April 22. Three of the four awards this year went to CPHHS faculty and alumni: Adejoke Babatunde Omolayo (SNAP Ed/Extension) received the Harriet “Hattie” Redmond award for her work to help black women overcome barriers to being […]

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Study examines impact of common risk factors on outcomes for home and birth center births

Women with some characteristics commonly thought to increase pregnancy risks – being over age 35; being overweight; and in some cases, having a vaginal birth after a cesarean section – tend to have good outcomes when they give birth at home or in a birth center, a new assessment has found.

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No evidence that water birth poses harm to newborns

Newborns born in water were no more likely to experience low Apgar scores, require transfer to the hospital after birth or be hospitalized in their first six weeks of life, than newborns who were not born in water.