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Broad support needed to maximize impact of cars designed for kids with mobility issues

For the first month and a half after receiving a modified toy car designed for children with disabilities, the kids and their families seemed motivated to use driving as a means of exploration and socialization. But in the month and a half after that, most kids’ driving time fell off to almost nothing. Sam Logan, […]

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Physical activity for some is good, physical activity for all is better

Shortly after Winston Kennedy, DPT began practicing physical therapy in Florida, he became discouraged by the lack of physical activity opportunities for his patients with chronic health issues. “It got to the point where the only physical activity many of my patients were getting was through physical therapy,” Winston says. “I wanted to know why […]

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Ride-on car study tracks actual usage

The highly collaborative manuscript “Real world tracking of modified ride-on car usage of young children with disabilities” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Motor Learning and Development. Two of the co-authors are high school seniors Joshua and Benjamin Phelps, who also volunteered in Sam Logan’s Social Mobility Lab. The two developed the technology installed in modified, ride-on cars that […]

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Beyond 40 hours

The thrill of taking a last-second shot is one of Joshua Gess’ indelible memories from playing wheelchair basketball at Auburn University. With six seconds on the clock — and down a point, 40-39, against Shepherd Spinal Center — Auburn called a timeout to map one last play. The team fanned out and jockeyed for position. […]

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If you don’t see a solution, make one.

For a child with disabilities, access to mobility makes a tremendous difference in their development and socialization.

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Assistant professor recognized as distinguished scholar

Assistant Professor Sam Logan will receive the Early Career Distinguished Scholar Award from the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. Recipients must demonstrate a record of scholarship that “clearly establishes the recipient as a leading scholar among scientists at similar career stages.” Learn more on NASPSPA’s website.