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Inside the mind of researcher William Massey

“There hasn’t been one moment or experience that has inspired my career path. Overall, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to follow my passions and curiosities. Being housed within kinesiology has allowed me to apply what we know about movement science to what we know about youth development in an effort to merge these two fields in my work.”

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Inside the mind of researcher Sean Newsom

“Even though high cardiorespiratory fitness achieved through regular exercise remains the goal, people need to know that exercise by itself – even one bout – is metabolically beneficial.”

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Inside the mind of researcher Stephanie Grutzmacher

My research seeks to examine how we can best design and deliver community-based programs to address food access, dietary quality and food security issues in vulnerable communities.

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Inside the mind of researcher Shauna Tominey

I’ve always enjoyed working with children so while the rest of my classmates found jobs working in coffee shops to pay for college, I worked in child development centers. I found that I loved spending time with young children and getting to know their families.

Faculty and Staff Research

Inside the mind of researcher Jessica Gorman

My primary focus is developing a multi-level approach that will help young cancer survivors get the reproductive health information, care and support that they need.

Public Health Research

Inside the mind of researcher Veronica Irvin

It’s important for researchers to share or disseminate their findings, and I’m interested in learning what information is shared – or not – how that information is communicated and how that influences some else’s behavior.