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Inside the mind of student researcher Shelbie Turner

How much do the goals you have throughout your life impact your health in later years? Shelbie Turner, a PhD student studying human development and family sciences, is seeking answers.

Public Health Students

Inside the mind of researcher Lan Doan

“I feel like this is my life’s work,” says Lan Doan.

Nutrition Research Students

Inside the mind of researcher Mayra Crespo-Bellido

Mayra Crespo-Bellido is pursuing a PhD in nutrition and hopes to improve the food security of Puerto Ricans.

Features HDFS Research

Inside the mind of researcher Kate MacTavish

“The one project I am most excited about is concerned with the return migration of rural young people.”

Nutrition Research

Inside the mind of researcher Jenny Jackson

“Food insecurity is a public health issue that affects the health and well-being of too many people in the United States, including our elderly population. Understanding the relationship between food insecurity and physical functioning will allow us to develop strategies to help older adults experience a better quality of life as they age.”

Features Public Health Research

Inside the mind of researcher Sarah Rothenberg

“My goal is to mitigate methylmercury exposure. Methylmercury intake through rice ingestion differs from fish consumption because fish contains beneficial nutrients. Since rice does not, methylmercury intake through rice ingestion may be more harmful. It’s important that we continue this research because half the global population subsists on rice as a staple food.” 

Features Kinesiology

Inside the mind of researcher William Massey

“There hasn’t been one moment or experience that has inspired my career path. Overall, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to follow my passions and curiosities. Being housed within kinesiology has allowed me to apply what we know about movement science to what we know about youth development in an effort to merge these two fields in my work.”