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OSU receives $14.4 million grant for statewide center to support early childhood educators

The new center will provide support and training from an anti-bias, culturally responsive lens to better equip educators who care for children from marginalized populations and for children who have experienced trauma.


Raising a healthy generation begins with developing knowledgeable parents

Shauna Tominey says one of OPEC’s greatest impacts is helping parents and caregivers realize they are not alone.

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Improving child-teacher interactions can reduce preschoolers’ stress levels

“The big message here is that positive relationships between teachers and students matter,” she says. “What a teacher does in the classroom, the way they behave, their positivity and supportiveness, has an enormous impact on the children and their health.”

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Inside the mind of researcher Bridget Hatfield

“My research focuses on interactions between adults and children and how those interactions support children’s behavior and emotion regulation as well as activity in the stress response system,” CPHHS Assistant Professor Bridget Hatfield says.

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Study: Targeted funding can help address inequities in early child care programs

The quality of early child care and education programs is influenced both by funding and by the characteristics of the communities in which the programs operate, new research from Oregon State University’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences shows.

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Early education workshops teach responsive classroom interactions

CPHHS Assistant Professor Bridget Hatfield is helping local teachers learn about emotionally supportive interactions and relationships in early childhood classrooms through a new workshop.