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How people cope with difficult life events fuels development of wisdom

“The adage used to be ‘with age comes wisdom,’ but that’s not really true,” says Carolyn, an expert on psychosocial factors that influence aging. “Generally, the people who had to work to sort things out after a difficult life event are the ones who arrived at new meaning.”

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Students “Thank a Vet”

Oregon State University’s student-run Healthy Aging Club hosted its second annual “Thank a Vet” activity at the SEC Plaza last week. More than 160 thank you notes were created by members of the OSU community. The notes were delivered to residents at the Oregon Veterans Home in Lebanon on Veterans Day.


Faculty contribute to new “Handbook of Theories of Aging”

Because theories answer the “why” and “how” of what we’re interested in, the handbook highlights contemporary explanations for aging, Rick says, whether at the level of cells or societies. “When we have good explanations, we can also better design prevention and intervention efforts to improve human aging.”


College celebrates 10 years of healthy aging research

The CPHHS and its Center for Healthy Aging Research celebrated the center’s 10th anniversary April 1 with a number of high-profile guests, including Don and Jo Anne Petersen and Rep. Peter DeFazio.

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OSU’s Center for Healthy Aging Research seeks volunteers for research registry

The Center for Healthy Aging Research housed in the CPHHS at Oregon State is recruiting volunteers to join a registry for possible participation in future studies related to the health and well-being of middle-aged and older adults.


CPHHS faculty/staff earn college, university awards

As the first accredited college of public health and human sciences in Oregon, CPHHS faculty and staff are the backbone behind the college’s past achievements and those to come in the future.