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Child obesity

Everyone knows that Americans are too fat and getting fatter. Fully two-thirds of adults and one-third of children tip the scales at unhealthy weights. But figuring out what to do about a problem so tightly stitched into the cultural fabric is a big unknown.

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CPHHS experts weigh in on childhood obesity awareness month

As the childhood obesity epidemic continues to rise in the United States, lives are put at risk as health problems become more common in children that were once only seen in adults. Researchers in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences are working to reverse this trend. Continue reading for tips on how to prevent/reverse childhood obesity.

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Molalla eats its veggies and goes the extra mile

Surrounded by farmland, the town of Molalla is known for its 100-year-old rodeo. But some are trying to make it known for a healthy lifestyle.

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Inside the mind of researcher Deborah John

“I see a commitment made and fulfilled as the strongest measure of one’s personal integrity, trustworthiness and work ethic,” says Deborah John.

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What it takes to engAGE in Community

Community-based participatory research is an emerging mechanism in public health research that’s used around the world to support people’s contributions to finding solutions that will work for them.


College receives $4.8 million grant to prevent rural childhood obesity

The College of Health and Human Sciences has received a $4.8 million grant to develop an obesity prevention program for children in rural Oregon.