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College leaders recognized at OPHA Annual Meeting

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OSU Extension toolkit has rural students stepping up their physical activity

Children in rural Oregon elementary school classrooms—who are more at risk of becoming obese than their urban counterparts—are getting more physical activity when their teacher uses a toolkit developed by researchers with the Oregon State University Extension Service.


Our home for research on children and families

It’s been a busy five years at the Hallie Ford Center. This hub of research activity increasingly is a gathering place for faculty, staff and students to connect, learn and discover. And it’s just getting started.


College physical activity expert shares research with Oregon State Senate

It was a whirlwind of a week for College of Public Health and Human Sciences Associate Professor and Extension Specialist Kathy Gunter. But the physical activity expert walked out of the experience knowing that she and her colleagues had made an impact on key stakeholders involved with House Bill 3141.

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Public Health PhD alumna receives OSU 2015 Student Leader Award

College of Public Health and Human Sciences alumna Jenny Jackson, PhD ’15, has received the 2015 Student Leader Award from Oregon State University for her contributions to students, the community and Oregon.

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Child obesity

Everyone knows that Americans are too fat and getting fatter. Fully two-thirds of adults and one-third of children tip the scales at unhealthy weights. But figuring out what to do about a problem so tightly stitched into the cultural fabric is a big unknown.