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High To Moderate Levels Of Stress Lead To Higher Mortality Rate

This is the first study to show a direct link between stress trajectories and mortality in an aging population.

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Preschool-Age Kids In Different Countries Improve Academically Using Self-Regulation Game

Children who regularly participated in a Simon Says-type game designed to improve self-regulation – called the Head-Toes-Knees-Shoulders task – may have better math and early literacy scores.

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Sharing the Spotlight

Athlete and scholar Krista Stengl was inspired by her professor and mentor Kate MacTavish. “She’s passionate about what she teaches and she cares about students.”

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Parents aren’t the only ones losing sleep from marital issues.

Couples having marital difficulties may have infants who are losing sleep, according to a new study – and that may have a continuing impact on the children.


Crossing cultural boundaries with play

‘Life changing’ is not too strong a descriptor for Study Abroad Taiwan Fall 2010.


Cindy and Duncan Campbell: True Friends of the Children

Duncan and Cindy Douglass Campbell ’76 business have dedicated their lives, their work, and their resources to helping vulnerable children.