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Long-term data shows racial and ethnic disparities in effectiveness of anti-smoking measures

Tobacco control efforts have reduced cigarette smoking for many, but those efforts have disproportionately helped white smokers, while other racial and ethnic groups are still struggling.

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CPHHS takes on racism as a public health crisis

On Friday, Oct. 2, the college will host a lecture examining racism as a public health crisis — the latest example of efforts by the college to increase discussion and classroom instruction of the ways racism and race-based disparities affect people’s health.

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Not by chance

What influences your health? Why do health disparities exist among people in the same community? What does a place have to do with health? What can we do to ensure health and well-being for all?  CPHHS Assistant Professor Kari-Lyn Sakuma tackled these questions and more in “A public health crisis: Factors that impact your health outcomes,” which you can watch on the college’s […]

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Video: Science Snapshot | Vaping

Find out what “vaping” means as CPHHS Assistant Professor Kari-Lyn Sakuma explains – and demystifies – emerging tobacco products and their effect on health.

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Inside the mind of researcher Kari-Lyn Sakuma

“I am looking at how new and emerging tobacco products are impacting African American youth and young adults. I want to know what they know about these products, how they learned about these products, how they feel about these products and what kinds of marketing are being used by tobacco companies to reach this population,” Kari-Lyn says.