YOU: Your child’s best role model

Here are 6 ways to have a positive effect on your child

You are your child's best role model

Parents are the biggest influence in their children’s lives. Children are always observing their parents’ actions and words. As a parent, you have an opportunity and the responsibility to be a role model for your child.

Here are 6 ways to have a positive effect on your child:

Reading and success in school.

Children do better in school when parents read to them often. Show your child that reading is important to you by having reading materials around your home. If your child sees you reading regularly, it shows you think reading is important.

Parental involvement

Be involved in your child’s school. Children have better academic performance when parents are connected to their children’s school in meaningful ways and know their parents and teachers have regular contact with each other.

Getting along with others

Children develop good social skills when parents spend time with them. Set guidelines for behavior and supervise your child when he plays.


Spending time with your child helps him build self-esteem.


Behavior is affected by circumstances at home. A supportive, loving family will provide an
atmosphere that promotes positive behaviors.


Children who are exposed to extremely stressful situations can have physical symptoms related to both social and emotional issues. Provide your child with your time and emotional support. A stable family is crucial for your child’s healthy development.

This is posted in conjunction with Oregon Parenting Education Week 2012

The Hallie Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families promotes the development and well being of children, youth, and families by generating, translating, and sharing research-based knowledge.

The Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative (OPEC) supports delivery of high quality parenting education programs and collaborative efforts to strengthen regional parenting education systems.

OPEC is a partnership of four of Oregon’s largest foundations (The Oregon Community Foundation, The Ford Family Foundation, The Meyer Memorial Trust and The Collins Foundation) and Oregon State University.